Radiant Living with Nourishing Self-Care

I am super excited!  Ready to be empowered and to radiate?  Join in to listen to this power podcast…

In this special episode to transition from the habits and patterns from 2023, we move forward into 2024 with empowering self-care tools that you can use daily.

I share with you the BioEnergetic Wellness Formula that transformed my dissertation and provided me with a way to understand the key ingredients to bring energy and vitality into my day while engaging my innate healing powers at the same time.

The Be Well with Dr. Michelle Greenwell podcast has a very special formula to provide you with a balance and transformation while listening. In this episode I share more about choosing affirmations, the power of herbs, and the activities that I include with my guests. I may sound like I am just giving you a background, but actually, I am raising your vibration as you listen and engage with the activities.

Enjoy the special episode!




You can learn more about the tea here: capebretontea.ca

Harmony Tea Blends coming soon…

Affirmations for the Body and BioField deck: dancedebut.com – shop, merchandise, second page.

Full resources for Michelle: https://linktr.ee/dancedebut

Stay tuned as we release more about the Greenwell Center for Holistic Health.

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