Preparing ExtravaDanza Part 2.

As I prepare the next dance episode for ExtravaDanza, I added this video with Heather Cornell​ and Jesse Stewart. It has been my greatest joy to have spent time with Heather in workshops, in her home learning more about the great tap legends, introducing her to Cape Breton stepdance and Cape Breton Island. Life, music and the love of dance come to life because of her influences! Thank you Heather for all that you have provided to the dance world in your exploration and inquisitiveness to learn and do more. Enjoy this video.

You can find more about Heather and join in on the amazing blogposts, interviews and online sessions she has been offering through the summer by going to:

Dance Debut in Cochrane 2007 with Heather Cornell
Sharing the floor with Irene Widdup of Footworks Dance Academy in Barrhead, Alberta to learn the BS Chorus.

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