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Sound Essence Bath

metal bowls and specialty bottles
Sound Essence Bath events for rest and relaxation while being showered with sound.

It’s in the Cards Workshop

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Exploring Energy Activation Cards for Self-Care We all have habits and ideas of how to take care of ourselves. Often we consider nutrition, mindfulness, rest, and relaxation among those choices. What choices are you making to energetically engage with your body and biofield? With this special card series, we are

Sound Essence Bath

Indulge yourself for an incredible hour of energy shifting and goal setting as you relax and let the smells and sounds of the moment filter through your senses. Michelle Greenwell and Natascha Polomski will assist you with determining what will provide you with more joy in your life, and then

Touch for Health Levels 3 and 4

Working with 42 muscles within the 5 Element Theory, these two levels bring an opportunity to improve health and wellness through the understanding of the muscles and their relationship to each other. Special techniques shared to simplify tools.

Qi YINtegration

Qi YINtegration is an incredible new health program, created by Michelle Greenwell, introducing people to the power of their own energy, how to cultivate more and how to move the body easily, with fluidity and with strength. “Qi” is the energy that runs through everyone and creates the power to