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Sound Essence Bath

metal bowls and specialty bottles
Sound Essence Bath events for rest and relaxation while being showered with sound.

It’s in the Cards Workshop

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Exploring Energy Activation Cards for Self-Care We all have habits and ideas of how to take care of ourselves. Often we consider nutrition, mindfulness, rest, and relaxation among those choices. What choices are you making to energetically engage with your body and biofield? With this special card series, we are

Cape Breton Stepdance Classes

Have you ever wanted to take a percussive class? Perhaps tap dance or stepdance? This special class introduces the basics of Stepdance with the love of special foot warmups. We cater to the needs of the individuals in the class by choosing warmups to help with stiff joints, sore feet,

Movement Made Easy with Michelle Greenwell

A weekly online class using movement to bring balance and flow to the body using both standing and sitting examples for ease of use daily. Wednesdays for 45 minutes at 12 pm Atlantic or 8 am Pacific How do you alleviate physical pain in your body? Perhaps rest, a painkiller,

Qi YINtegration In Practice

Join us for a combination of Qi Gong and Tai Chi explored through the 5 Element Tai Chi Set. Learn about alignment, balance, flexibility and strength while moving the body through simple movement patterns. Beginners to Tai Chi are welcome, and those with movement challenges will have seated options and