Allergy Relief

Are you plagued by allergies that are specific to animals, foods, chemicals, or situations?  What if those allergies could be released and forgotten?  Our unique reaction to different stimulus does not have to be forever, nor does it have to stay.  A quick assessment of the 5 Element System and the emotions charged within those systems can identify challenges and lead to action for quick resolution of the situation.

Michelle is looking for individuals ready to let go of these life challenges and to accept that life does not have to have irritating reactions!  Studying with some of the leading allergy specialists in Energy Medicine, Michelle has done the research for you to find the best tools and the hands on opportunity for you to do the work for yourself going forward.

The cost for a session with Michelle is $95.  This will include a 75 minute  healing session with Michelle and some simple tools to take home to continue the process for anything new that comes up.