Passionate Curiosity for Living Powerfully with Jessica Lyn Podcast

Be Well with Michelle Greenwell Podcast is pleased to release S3 E2 with the exceptional Jessica Lyn.

When we take a walk in nature, we may stop to look at the view, notice the birds flying by, find an insect or flower we hadn’t noticed before, or hear the brook bubbling by. Many describe feeling a little more connected. We may notice our stress level drop, our breath deepens, and our worries float away.

My guest today, Jessica Lyn, takes clients and groups on a voyage of discovery that deepens the sense of oneness, inspiring a connection to our passions, with a chance to be curious and explore who we are as a human, and who we are to ourselves. Some of us will be eager to join in such a deep discovery, and some of us will wonder why we would need to do that. My interest in this discussion today is to look at what inspires us to engage in such a transformation and what can we discover about who we are and where we want to be while realizing our intricate connection to the universe, and our small but significant role in the world.

Jessica Lyn is an exceptional empath, gifted healer, professional artist, and powerful coach. Her passionate curiosity regarding human emotions and behaviors has driven her journey of self-discovery for the past 35 years. Using a vastness of resources from all areas of the world, as well as her own diversity and depth of life experiences, she has created courses, exercises, and techniques to support each individual’s unique journey of transformation.

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Season 3 we are devoting to the transformational process that happens when people reach into their authentic selves and create magic. Our season has several publications this year, and we hope they inspire and empower you to consider living your true heart’s desire with the love and compassion for others at the forefront. Thank you for joining us.

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