Optimizing your Day…what tools do you rely on?

Are you ready to create the day of your choosing? Do you use these simple tips in your daily activities?

In this podcast post, Dr. Michelle Greenwell shares the behind-the-scenes opportunities for balancing the body and systems while listening to her podcast. She has created the space for you to be pampered, while you listen. If you haven’t been following the podcast, now is the time to get started. Learn more about the tools from Michelle’s dissertation and how she has embedded them into the flow of the program.

Vodcast version
Podcast version

Since the pandemic happened, Michelle has devoted her day to using the special tools for maximizing self-care, energy and vitality. Once you know the tools they are a part of the day and they become just like breathing and staying hydrated. They are necessary, powerful, and empowering. We hope you take advantage of learning more about the podcast, and then check out other interviews and opportunities through the three seasons.

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