Opening the energy with Neurolymphatic points…

As I embrace a few moments in my office with a snow day…I am finally able to get at organizing my resources for all the Energy Medicine work that I have studied for the last two decades. I am in awe at the tools that I have been able to bring to my tool box, but also the extensive array of specialists that I have studied with from around the world. I never dreamed that taking a Level 1 Touch for Health class to get rid of some pain in my feet would take me on such an incredible journey of learning and healing.
I want to share one tool from Touch for Health that is simple and powerful – The Neurolymphatic Rub! The pictures are for a t-shirt that I was lucky enough to pick up at a Specialized Kinesiology conference, and I use for teaching.
The lymphatic system is one of most beneficial pathways for taking toxins out of the organ systems and bringing it to the core of the body for release. As well, it is responsible for transporting proteins, hormones and fats into the cells for rejuvenation and optimum functioning. The system is twice as large as the circulatory system, and if it becomes blocked due to stress, diet or inactivity (like sitting at a desk for too long), fluid can build up within the system and cause challenges in those areas and along the pathways.
Dr. Frank Chapman, who was an osteopath in the early 1900’s, used the reflex points shown on the shirt to assist specific meridian pathways with opening and transporting materials. If you gently rub each of the points for about 10 – 20 seconds, a couple of times a day, you can relieve challenges within the system. Anywhere where there is tenderness requires a little more attention, so come back to those points several times in the day. If they are really tender, then just gently hold the fingers over the points and breathe deeply. The tenderness will subside as the pathway is opened and released.
If simple techniques like this interest you, please consider opening up your world with level 1 Touch for Health. There is a class in Truro, NS in February, and another in Mabou in March. We would love to have you join us! Just message for more details.
The t-shirt is made by Meridian Network Ltd. in North Burnaby, BC 604-220-1992.

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