Nomination for the Dr. Rogers Prize for CAM

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Dance Debut Inc., the Cape Breton Tea Company, and Tai Chi Cape Breton are pleased to announce that Denise Cambiotti of Muscle Tuners International has nominated Dr. Michelle Greenwell for the Dr. Rogers Prize for Excellence in Complementary and Alternative Medicine. “Founded in 2007, the Dr. Rogers Prize is a $250,000 cash prize awarded every two years to celebrate the achievements of researchers, practitioners, and others in the field of CAM and integrative health care. The public is encouraged to nominate worthy and qualified candidates from within all the disciplines that comprise the spectrum of complementary, alternative, and integrative medicine.”

Ms Cambiotti provided an in-depth set of qualities that spoke to the level of dedication and compassion that Dr. Greenwell brings to her daily activities including volunteer work, program development, online and in-person programs, and publications. Denise and Michelle have been colleagues at the Canadian Association of BioEnergetic Wellness for over two decades, and have been supportive of each other’s skills, outreach, and business development. This nomination provides a special insight into the kind of work that both Ms. Cambiotti and Dr. Greenwell participate in daily to support the public with their wellness plans.

“It is truly an honor to be recognized by a peer who has had such a high level of expertise as a BioEnergetic Wellness Professional. It has been a pleasure to work with Denise through the nomination process to provide the supporting documentation required for this prestigious award.”

Three letters of reference were required to fulfill the nomination requirements. Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, President of Akamai University and advisor to Michelle for the last 9 years through her CAM studies from post graduate diploma, to Master of Science and the recent completion of the Ph.D. in Complementary and Integrative Health spoke to her depth of investigation into research and understanding the science of CAM. Dr. Mats Melin, retired Ethnochoreologist from Limerick University, spoke to her integration of CAM tools with dance, music and personal well-being. Tanya Levy, Counselor at the Nova Scotia Community College, shared her background in project development for interactive art projects, wellness tools and published books. “It was a true gift to find support from these three dedicated scholars.”

Ms Cambiotti has been a part of many programs, conferences and workshops that Dr. Greenwell has also been a part of. Together they have had many explorations of tools and protocols that have provided further insights into tools and support for clinician and facilitator opportunities with biofeedback, muscle monitoring, and muscles within the Five Element Theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Both Touch for Health instructors initially, they have grown and produced new works and opportunities through their respective companies.

It will be a few months before we know of the results of the award. We do hope that you will hold the space and the opportunity for Dr. Greenwell to succeed with this nomination for 2023.

“I am truly honored that Ms. Cambiotti put forward this nomination. Muscle Tuners International is very lucky to have such a powerful leader at the helm.”

Denise Cambiotti has led this company into a strong program for the fitness industry to thrive with.

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