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Leadership Team President, Canadian Association of BioEnergetic Wellness Michelle Greenwell

A10 – Using Your Childhood Passions to Fuel Your Career …

Initially gaining a BA in Psych (’88), Michelle determined that a career in Psychology or Sociology was not where she wanted to spend her time. She opened her dance studio upon graduation from University with the intention of only doing that for a few short years. She had several day jobs during this initial time, but when her children came along, she made owning and operating a Dance and Fitness Facility her career. Her children grew up in the studio, observing, learning and participating in a family owned business, and her son became a professional dancer, toured and now also teaches using an online platform. Her desire to continue to learn has followed her throughout her career and she has never stopped. She has reached out to mentors, followed dance legends to learn from them, and then pursued advancing her need for self care and healing into a career as well. She now has brought these passions together in several creative ways as her career evolves and grows. Every year in her student year book she put teacher, until high school when she started putting dance teacher. This career has continued and shifted with her passions for learning, and Michelle looks forward to sharing this expertise with those trying to determine their path of learning and growing into a career. Involved in grass roots education, homeschooling initiatives and Post graduate work, she has experienced many ways of learning and finding the information that is needed, as well as the mentors who can inspire. Active in associations linked to her initiatives Michelle has also spent her life giving back wherever and however she could. These relationships have been golden and have inspired new pathways and expertise as well. Recently obtaining her MSc in Energy Dynamics (’19) she is currently working on her Doctorate in Integrative Health. She has authored Children’s books and music, as well as Wellness books and products. These can be found in her shop at You can also find Michelle at Patreon: https://, and Youtube:

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