My Little Black Book of Qi: Qi YINtegration Set 1

June is Health and Wellness Awareness time.  By request of my students, I have created the Set 1 book of all things wonderful and basic to get you moving into a pattern of living that is energizing and easy.  With 11 videos to download, there are simple instructions for you to relearn sitting, standing, walking, taking the stairs, muscle testing, goal setting, breathing and more.  This “Little Black Book” is packed full of ideas where you can make simple changes in your life to promote your own health and wellness.  For the month of June, check in for special blog posts and activities that will continue to support you on your wellness journey.

Check out the ebook, videos and hardcopy in the shop.

For those wanting personal direction, join us in Belle Cote at the Community Hall from 11 – 12:15 on Fridays.  The summer class will be $45 for 4 weeks and June, July and August will explore Set 1 and Set 2:  “Back to Basics” and “Understanding the Energy Fields through Movement”

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