Music lifts our hearts and inspires us

This morning I was listening to Joni Mitchell sing “Both Sides Now.” I was instantly swept back to the Olympics in Vancouver, Canada in 2010. Sitting in the opening show and watching my son live his passion for performing and sharing tap dance was so incredible.

As I look at his career and his dedication to an art form that has such a rich and diverse history, I am in awe of the way he has found his way through the authentic and personal experience of being a tap dancer and a musician. His show in Halifax next week has collaborations with other Halifax artists.

The last few years have been really hard on artists, and to see them find a way through is an inspiration. If you are in the Halifax area or have a chance to visit and see their show, please join us in celebrating the arts, and the dedication of some incredible Halifax artists.

Ticket details can be found here.

Thank you for sharing and inviting others to come out and see the show.

I Love you, MacKenzie Greenwell, and all that you do.

There is nothing like a live theatre night to be energized by the music and the dance! Can you join us?

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