Music in Motion Preschool Dance Warm-up!

We will use Charlotte Diamond’s amazing music: The Tub Song and Ti-U, Turn it Up! She has graciously provided us permission to share our choreography with her music! Please check out her other songs that have been used in class and have some fun making up your own dances!

The Meridian Dance is with the Tub Song and is a way for preschoolers to learn how to balance the body with a free flow of energy after tracing the different energy lines. This is a great way to keep the energy up and to create a smooth flowing dance with some goal setting.

The Feet First System Foot Rub is used by all Dance Debut dancers before they put their dance shoes on. It is used for engaging the gait reflexes that help navigate movement and awareness through the feet in all the different directions. We also engage the meridians through each toe and strengthen the foot muscles with “lengthen to strengthen”.

The Muscle Dance has a book that goes with it. You can find it in the shop at and you can download the e-book. We will move a muscle from each meridian system that engages each organ system to bring a flow through the body. We have been learning about muscles and action with this dance and it is a great way to have energy and vitality, similar to the Meridian Dance.

We will finish up with Cook’s Hook ups which bring a flow through the Figure 8 patterns that pass through many areas of the body. This is great for going to sleep, waking up in the morning, needing a little calmness. I love doing this when I just need to be centered!

As always, thank you for joining in. Please pass the video forward and share with others who could benefit. Happy Dancing and see you on the dance floor!

Miss Michelle

The ebook creates the whole story for the muscle dance!

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