Movement Made Easy starts March 27

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We are heading into the garden this spring with some new ideas of how to have strength, flexibility and easy movement patterns.  Movement Made Easy – Getting into the Garden begins March 27th

This is the second year that Movement Made Easy has been available online for people to enjoy dynamic sitting, strengthening, flexibility development, Tai Chi and dance, while enjoying the music of musicians playing intuitively for the day and the participants. This is an incredible experience to lift your spirits, to energize your day, and for this 4 week session – to develop your endurance and vitality for the gardening and yard chores.
This 4 week session we are accompanied by the incredible talents of Bradley Murphy (just back from the Juno events in Halifax) with talents on fiddle and piano, as well as voice, Brenda Bowen Cox on harp from Virginia, Natascha Polomski on Singing Bowls, and the final week is resident musician, Colin MacLeod on fiddle.
This is a royal treat, and the cost is just $57.50 for the 4 weeks. You can send an etransfer or use paypal to register. Please email to register. A zoom link will be sent to your inbox on Tuesday afternoon for the Wednesday start.
Please be sure to have a cup or tea or a glass of water on hand for the activities, and Michelle will highlight an herb from one of the tea blends from the Cape Breton Tea Company. As we think about going to the garden, we have the opportunity to connect with the plants that can lift us up and support our healing journey.
See you soon!

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