Movement Made Easy Holiday Addition

Expand your self-care plans into your preparations for the holidays!

The power of the Movement Made Easy class this fall as we explore the Digestive Tract has been empowering on many levels.  Participants have been realizing their true potential to heal, how to empower their day, simple tools to add to activities they are doing, and ways of understanding the signals from the body.  We now have two incredible sessions recorded: The Nervous System and the Digestive System.

As we approach the Holidays, many people are faced with extra treats, rich foods, over-indulging, and extra sugar!  For this reason, we are releasing a special 4 week edition to help get you ready to be empowered by the holidays and not burdened by your celebrating.  These session will be recorded and can be watched over and over, as well as archived.  Please join us for this special edition with some of the best tools in the nutrition area of selfcare that are not often seen.  The Sugar Addiction energy balance is a powerful way to adjust the energy of the body around sugar.

If you are interested in the class, please send Michelle an email with your intent, and she will get you registered.

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