Maximizing Budget Potentials for Women Entrepreneurs – podcast

Are you one of those people that hopes the books balance at the end of the month? Perhaps you have someone who does the bookkeeping so you can focus on business. Can you still keep track of the bottom line? Are you able to understand the power of your numbers for business success?

My guest today, Karen Dyrenforth, understands the confusion, frustration, hardships, and challenges of being a women entrepreneur who is challenged by understanding the true power of the numbers on the financial spreadsheet. She recognizes the way women have been taught about money and business success and she is compassionate about changing the way women engage with their business numbers and plan for their financial success. Her business, BadAss Business Coaching says it all.

Karen Dyrenforth guides entrepreneurs to keep their books lean and mean, maximize revenue streams, and build dream teams. She is a thinking partner who understands what it takes to grow a business and enjoy the journey. As recent events have led to countless women losing access to their livelihoods, Karen believes women entrepreneurs are in an unrivalled position to help their communities and the economy get back on track and grow. Karen and I have worked together on several projects and it is always a delight to be in the presence of her genius.




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