Looking for little artists to help with our muscle dance story

Calling all dancers who can draw and color.  We are looking for artwork to help build a storybook about the muscle dance.  This special dance will be part of a Balancathon that will go around the world.  However, we need to bring the dance to life through some special pictures.  If you think you could create the pictures, we welcome all submissions for this project.  Here are the pictures we are looking for…

Pictures needed for the storybook – Fairy, dragonfly, butterfly, snake, fairy twisting the foot, fairy moving a leg, a giant, fairy moving lifting the arms in front, fairy with arms making a rainbow overhead, monkey, squirrel, frog leaping, fairy stretching a leg, fairy flying over the tree tops.

Those pictures that are submitted and chosen for the storybook will receive a copy of Miss Michelle’s book:  “Stacey on the Keyboard”.  As well, the pictures will be compiled to create a storybook that will be shared in the classes this fall.  All the artists will have their names in the book with their pictures.  Help us bring the muscle dance to life through this special story.  Submissions will be accepted until August 23rd.  They can be dropped off at Miss Michelle’s home, or mailed to 4614 Route 252, Mabou, NS B0E 1X0.

Please use an 81/2 by 11 sheet of white paper.  Please color so that the colors can be seen, and please don’t use pencil, unless it is creating part of the character.  The more color we have the crisper the pages can be.

Stay tuned for the video version of the story which will be posted in the coming days.

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