Living with a Grieving Heart with Dr. Marianne Bette Podcast

The Fire Element includes the Heart and Small Intestine…releasing grief changes many relationships within the body.

Today we are discussing the topic of grief and our ability to experience it, work through it, and find our passion for living once again. This can be a heavy subject at the best of times, and with our last few years of Covid, and the wars, droughts, and fires people are experiencing with devastation to family, friends, and communities, there is a burden that is carried by all of us.

As always, our podcast is specifically set with the opportunity to find balance and flow for people as they listen to the podcast. If you are not sure you are ready for the topic today, know that we have your best interest in mind and have included ways to open flow and opportunities for transformation and acceptance to happen.

My guest today, Dr. Marianne Bette, has experienced personal loss and supports others with their own loss. She is an example of finding her way through the grieve and learning how to live again. Her latest book: “Living with a Grieving Heart” is an opportunity for her to support your journey as she identifies with and understands the needs of others.

Here is what Dr. Bette offers with her experience:

“By addressing the subject of grief and loss, Bette offers sensitive support and a matter-of-fact view: Grief can make you crazy. It can shut you down. But grief can also crack you open and change you like nothing else. You can become your best self. If you let it, grief can be the transformation of your lifetime.”

Bette shares that there is no finish line with grief, but her book offers examples of how to cope and accept the reality that a life has ended. Chapters deal with “Hurtful Things People Say,” the struggle of reliving “Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda, If Only…,” the many decisions the caregiver must make, and the hopeful “Moving On.” We look forward to a deep and direct discussion that helps support each of us on our journey of learning to live, while loss and death can be a part of our journey.




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