Living the Thriving Life – what are you waiting for?

We all have a choice in how we wish to live, and our attitude and resilience depend on us to set up the thriving situation.

Do you know that promise you make to yourself at the start of the day, the week, or the month when you are devoted to doing a better job with your self-care? And, then, within minutes an old habit sneaks in and bites that plan! How many times has this happened?

Now, consider how many times you have looked in the mirror and critiqued yourself, the hair, the eyes, the outfit, the weight, the smile, the teeth…anything is fair game for yourself, right?! Well, how do you change those hasty decisions; those sabotaging ways; those thought patterns that say you are not good enough…for anything.

Wellness coaches are leading the way in transformative opportunities. They are our accountability buddies when we don’t want anyone too close to us to know we are striving to be better. A secret society. But really, what we all want is to be good to ourselves. To take care of our well-being. To make good, loving choices, and to thrive.

My guest today, Tom Beeson, is a CTA (Coach Training Alliance) Certified Coach, speaker, facilitator, and co-founder of the World Dominator Academy (co-created with his cat, Samantha). Tom holds a Bachelor’s Degree and is active in the local ICF chapter (International Coach Foundation). As a former Engineer, Tom will be sharing the transformational experience that led him from Engineering to coaching. He is also a husband, father, and grandfather.

Our time is precious. Our worth is vital to our community. Our need to be well and thriving should be trumping our fear of failure at self-care.

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