Living Life with Meaning into our Golden Years

It is our gift today to decide how we want to be living in our golden years….what have you pictured?

I am delighted to be able to watch my parents and my husband’s father thriving in their eighties. They have embraced their golden years in a way that continues to give to others and to know that their actions, words, and passion to help others make a difference.

On my last visit to my parents, it was an unexpected trip and so my dad was not able to find someone to take his paper route that he does in the middle of the night. He is awake while many of us are asleep, and he sleeps in two stints during the day. On this visit, he was trying to get in his visiting time while maintaining his sleeping arrangement that works for him. We were talking about the stress of the hours, but he delights in the quiet time, his chance to see amazing sunrises, and connect with other paper carriers who work the late night shift. He exclaimed to me that having a purpose and a connection was important and it kept him going. As much as the hours are hard, I agree with him.

I should add that both of my parents teach Tai Chi several days a week and are devoted to their club. They both practice on their own as well to stay sharp and ready for teaching, and they know how to work through their physical challenges of stiff knees and hands, sore backs or neck, as they both have a set routine that they are devoted to.

My father-in-law jumped out of a plane for a tandem jump last month to raise a significant amount of money for hospice, and then he went soaring down a zip line. His work with the Lion’s Club for decades had him involved in the community in many worthwhile projects. He is still devoted to supporting community events and activities and is one of the most active members at his apartment complex.

There are many stories of exuberant seniors who run circles around us younger folk, but I want to dive into some of the insights of today’s guest. Returning to share more of her wisdom as a medical doctor and the patients she has watched grow old over the years and thrive or wither as they have aged is Dr. Marianne Bette.

In our last podcast episode we discussed her book “Living with a Grieving Heart,” and today I am excited to hear about what Marianne has learned across her years helping others. Retired from her practice in Connecticut, Dr. Bette brings us some of the wisdom and stories that are a part of her next book.



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Dr. Bette’s full biography: Dr. Marianne Bette is a retired 40-year family physician who resides in Southbury, Connecticut. Throughout her life, Dr. Bette has endured several significant losses, including her fiancé in a small plane accident and her first husband and her mother to cancer. After forty years in family medicine, she’s enjoying her retirement and spending time with her second husband, Gene, while also writing books. Her first book, Living with a Dead Man, chronicles her first husband’s battle with cancer, and her current book, Living with a Grieving Heart, is a memoir for all people who believe there is no way out of grief. Dr. Bette shares stories from her own personal experiences with grief and details her transformative journey from heartbreak to gratitude that has earned her the title of Grief Warrior. She includes how she reclaimed the exuberance of life and weaves in stories from her 40 years in family medicine to offer people who are grieving wisdom on how to embrace life again. Through her professional career and her personal losses, Dr. Bette inspires her listeners with extraordinary insight and encouragement in placing an emphasis on LIVING and to go on to live a happy and fulfilling life after loss.

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