Living Inside Intuition

Playing with paint and exploration creates the space for new discoveries. What are you waiting for…join us!

Are you ready to look at where in your life and experiences intuition has been playing a role and how you have been influenced by it? We will be exploring this idea through paint. Paint? Yes, we will be painting our understanding of how intuition has supported us and what messages that can be revealed through color and shapes.
This is the third event for Tanya Levy, Marian Egan and Michelle Greenwell as the continue to dive deeper into the understanding and significance of intuition in our lives.
To participate, consider a goal that you would like to achieve, and what your outcome might be like. Bring paper, paint, brushes, and an open mind to the event, and together we will bring about the opening for intuition to shine through.
To register for the event, please go here:
The day before the event there will be a zoom link sent to you inbox. And any further instructions.
To learn more about your facilitators please check out:
Tanya Levy
Marian Egan
Michelle Greenwell
The cost is $30 Canadian for 2 hours of facilitation and exploration.

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