The K.E.Y.

The K.E.Y. to Health with Energy Medicine: Kinetic Energy YINtegration System™

K.E.Y. (Kinetic Energy YINtegration™) programs at Dance Debut will give you the tools, tips, exercises, and support that you need to enhance your vitality and passion for yourself and your body.

Kinetic Energy is the energy that an object (or body) possesses when it is in motion. The KEY™ programs teach you the energy dynamics of your body with a breakdown into 4 components: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. Your energy can be increased, decreased and maintained by adjusting these 4 components and KEY™ will show you how.

YINtegration™ is all about balance of the 4 components. For ideal balance, one must understand the full picture of their energy field: what motivates it into action, what sustains it, what is hindering it.

When you combine these principles with BioEnergetic Monitoring, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Dance, you get a great program that will teach you easy habits to adopt into your life.  All you have to do is get moving, the Greenwell way, using The KEY™.

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KEY™ workshops are organized into 4 categories, which you can learn more about below.  Each workshop has its own page where I will post updates and supplementary info. Check them out! 

1. QI YINtegration™ 

2. Feet First 

3. Dance YINtegration™ -coming soon

4. The Heart of the Hand -coming soon