Introducing CORAH – Center for Rural Aging and Health

Dr. Michelle Greenwell will be sharing her expertise through the CORAH programs…get ready for fun!Are you over 55 yrs and ready to lift yourself up into wellness for your golden years?  CORAH launched last week and there are so many great opportunities offered.  You can learn more here.  And, join the Facebook group to stay up to date.

October 3 begins the many free classes they have available, including the Coffee/Tea Cafe twice a week.

To learn more about Tai Chi, join the CORAH Cafe on Friday, October 13th from 9 – 10, and then stay for the Introduction to Tai Chi from 10 – 11:15.  We are looking to do an introduction to Tai Chi in November.

Remember that you are welcome to the Tai Chi Cape Breton club classes on Thursdays in Creignish Hall from 6:30 – 8 pm, and Tuesdays at the Inverness County Center for the Arts from 10 – 12 pm.  Beginners are welcome anytime.

Specializing in movement to heal the body, Dr. Michelle Greenwell can offer you a class that prioritizes your approach to well-being.




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