Injury Recall Technique – To Release Tension from Injury

One of the biggest impact tools that I have found in my Specialized Kinesiology training over the last decade has been Injury Recall Technique. This technique is very powerful and very simple. It removes the tension in the body that results from an event or an injury. Perhaps there was a conversation that did not go the way you wanted, or you had an accident and fell or broke a limb. No matter the event, this technique helps to release the tension that the body holds to protect the body when harm is near. At its most basic level you hold the injury site and nod your head three times forward and straight. However, if you want to be more indepth please read the full write up. And, if you want to know the science behind the technique, check out the link to Adam Lehman’s presentation at the Touch for Health conference. As with all the techniques I use in the K.E.Y. to Health with Energy Medicine program, I have taken the techniques and brought them into useable form to do for oneself, or to do with alternatives if there is a challenge that prevents a normal technique. Set your intention on what you want to release, and the technique will do the rest. If you have any questions, ask a Qi YINtegration student and they will be happy to share, or think about trying a workshop or class offered in the calendar. This is a great technique for parents to have for all those mishaps that come from play and activity with kids…hint, hint!

Injury Recall Technique – 2017-Jan

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