Individual Wellness Consultations – In-person and Virtual

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Ready to make changes in your wellness routine? Consider a session with Michelle Greenwell to help support your goals and intentions.

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Michelle has dedicated the last 25 years to creating wellness opportunities for dancers and lay people through special movement options. Her passion for the techniques from Touch for Health, Therapeutic Touch, NeuroReflex Integration, Tai Chi, and dance, as well as her studies at Akamai University, have deepened her intuition, technical skills, and approach to supporting others.

Michelle has devoted the last 8 years to advancing her BA Psychology degree from the University of Calgary, with a Post graduate diploma in Energy Dynamics, an MSc in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and she is just completing her dissertation for a Ph.D. in Complementary and Integrative Health all from Akamai University.

Her gentle and open approach to guiding her clients along successful pathways forward has been noticed by her colleagues and friends. She can listen between the lines, observe body language and posture, and use muscle monitoring techniques to gain biofeedback about the priority needs of the body, mind, and spirit.

Michelle can offer an open session where the intuition of the client’s body leads the session, or she can provide a Therapeutic Touch session, a Touch for Health balance, a Singing Bowl massage, a Vision Mapping session, a Sound Essence Bath, or a Quantum Laser session.

Michelle’s approach is to empower the individual to create plans for self-care and daily habits that support energy-building or bioenergetic wellness. Her many years of study, education, and facilitating workshops provide her with a solid framework to personalize and prioritize the needs of the individual.

If you are not sure what you might need or how a session may go, Michelle is happy to answer any questions with a 15 min free consultation to set the stage for a wellness plan. She provides 60-minute sessions and encourages her clients and students to set aside 15 minutes before the session to relax, hydrate, and bring forward intentions for the session. She also encourages 10 – 20 minutes after a session for the energy shifts of the session to continue to evolve and enhance the experience, this designated time is key to enhancing your sessions.

You can book a session with Michelle at
A 60-minute session is $125 and should be prepaid at least 24 hours before the appointment by e-transfer to For those paying with cash, please let Michelle know before the appointment.

Follow-up appointments can be booked at the session, once a wellness plan is in place.

Learn a little more about the tools that Michelle can access…
Michelle is a
-Touch for Health Instructor – 2004
-Therapeutic Touch Foundations Instructor – 2020
-Registered Practician (RP) – 2018 with the Atlantic Therapeutic Touch Network
-Moy Tai Chi leader with training since 1996, 108 Moving Meditation, Lok Hup, Sabre, Seated, Sword
-dancer, choreographer, director

Further BioEnergetic Wellness certifications and training:
BioKinesiology with Wayne Topping, Ph D
Body Talk Access with Susan Faber
Re-Patterning your Sabotaging Ways with Jan Cole, MA
Success over Distress with Wayne Topping, Ph D
Allergies with Wayne Topping, Ph D
Transform your Life with Energy Medicine with Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook, Dean Akamai U.
Movement Made Easier – Practical Tools for Optimum Learning that Helps the Body to Feel Great – co-presenter with Greg Webb RMT
The Candida Syndrome with John Holodnak – Naturopath, Acupuncturist
Advanced Acupressure with Dr. Charles T. Krebs (Australia)
Western Herbs with Evelyn Mulders founder of the Kinesiology College of Canada
The Essence of Sound – Vibrational Healing with Evelyn Mulders of Sound Essences
Bal-A-Vis-X – Rhythmic Balance/Auditory/Visual Exercises for Brain-Body Integration with Bill Hubert
Brain Gym 101 with Steve Ockey
Movement and Learning with Brendan O’Hara (Australia)
Circuits Alive Muscle Tuning Instructor Training with Evelyn Mulders
Energy Mismatch: Hormones, enzymes, viruses, heavy metals, vaccinations, drugs, allergens, flower remedies, homeopathic and more with Jane Thurnell-Read
Stress Release made Easy: Manage your stress using kinesiology by Bruce and Joan Dewe with Wayne Topping Ph D
Tibetan Energy and Vitality Workshop: Timeless ways to increase your energy and vitality by Bruce and Joan Dewe with Wayne Topping Ph D
Medical Intuitive Training with Caroline Sutherland author of “The Body Knows”
MNRI Training with Svetlana Masgutova Ph.D. includes:
Masgutova Method of Birth and Post-Birth Reflexes Integration – Sensory Motor Aspect,
Upper Limb Reflexes and Manual Skills Development – Motor-Cognitive Integration,
Children with Challenges – Movement Development and Reflex Integration for Movement Development and Learning
Integration of Dynamic and Postural Reflexes into the Whole Body Movement System (International Neurokinesiology Institute),
Archetype Movements MNRI – A Blueprint for Movement and Cognitive Development,
Integration of Infant Dynamic and Postural Reflex Patterns – Neuro-sensory-motor and reflex integration methods,
Neurokinesiology Tactile Integration Therapy, (2 courses)
My Inner Child – Integration of Lifelong Reflexes into Movement Development,
Facial Reflexes Integration – Neuro-reflex integration for Children and Adults to Encourage Their Speech and Motor Development,
144 hours of service at the Canadian MNRI Family Educational Conference in Surry, BC using the Masgutova Method Program and integration of Michelle’s dance expertise, 2008
Energy Medicine: From Theory to Practice 2007 Conference
Ear Candling with Greg Webb
BioEnergetic Wellness Frequency and Singing Bowls with Natascha Polomski
Meditation for Kinesiology with Debbie Rossi
Teaching for Learning with Jackie Lysaght
Touch for Health Hangout Facilitator since Spring 2019

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