Illuminating your Heart with Meilin Ehlke Podcast

We all have choices in our path to our authentic self.

It is with great pleasure that I share this very love-filled podcast. Meilin is one of those special people who spark change and joy at the same time. You will see what I mean when you begin to listen to the podcast. We did have a few connection challenges during our recording, but the messages were so important, we wanted to make sure we could share them.

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Illuminating our Hearts, this is a beautiful vision just to hold the space of the words. Our guest today magnifies your experience just by being present in the room with her. Meilin Ehlke is known as a Shamanic Songstress and a woman who illuminates your heart. I first Meilin on a call for entrepreneurs to gain connection. Her presence was inspiring through the computer screen and our conversation transformed many aspects of my business just by meeting her for the first time. Sounds truly amazing, doesn’t it? Let me tell you a little more about Meilin.

Authors, artists and enlightened entrepreneurs hire Meilin Ehlke, the sound source-ress, to blast away any obstacles that block the flow of creativity, hindrance the connecting to all parts of themselves to then be catapulted into future endeavors, where they walk calmly and confidently on the chosen path, voice the visions they are following and to attract the desired clients who join them on the missions to better humanity and our beautiful planet.

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