How to choose a phrase to create flow and wellness

One of my favorite blogposts has been from the research compiled by Lynn McTaggart for the information about healing from illness, like cancer. The results indicate that we need to offer our beings the chance to return our cells to their natural state.

If you add the power of Therapeutic Touch to the mix, you have a very supportive combination. Therapeutic Touch is a special modality created by a nurse and a clairvoyant, Dr. Delores Krieger and Dora Kunz. Together they used the science discovered through intentional healing, as well as the healing with hands experiments to create a technique that nurses could provide to patients. Fast forward 50 years and their insight and creativity has provided us with a tool that anyone can learn. The gentle nature of this approach is used on oncology wards, in hospice care, at the bedside, to assist with sleeping, to reduce stress, to help with healing…there are so many possibilities. But once the tools are in your hands, they are yours to share when needed, or for your own personal care.

Stay tuned for the new spring schedule for TT workshops! This includes Level 1 Foundations for TT and TT for Families.

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