How is Qi YINtegration useful for every day aches and pains?

A common phrase used by individuals trying to rationalize a pain or limitation is: “I think that when I (drove for 3 hours in the car)…I hurt my (foot with the position on the gas pedal)…” What if you could ask what created the challenge? Muscle testing allows for that. You can determine if the challenge is Structural, Chemical, Nutritional, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual. If you are trying to fix a pain in your foot with a structural correction (taping, icing, massaging etc), but the challenge is emotional, then you will only be putting a bandaid on the problem. You will need to use such techniques as ESR (Emotional Stress Release), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), IRT (Injury Recall Technique) or identifying the Emotion involved. By identifying the actual challenge, the correct tool can be identified and used. The shift of pain or discomfort can be long lasting and simple to achieve.

Our assessment page in Qi YINtegration is very inclusive and informative. We can identify many details to a challenge that will assist in determining what is the course of action the body is looking for. Join us in class to see what you can do to help yourself.

Dr. Sheldon Deal and Injury Recall Technique Introduction

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