How do you replenish your vitamins and minerals daily?

What you drink does matter!

As we engage in our daily activities, we offer nutrition to ourselves in a series of ways. Some of our nutrition comes from the food we eat or the food we choose not to eat. Also, our emotional status can provide balance and flow to our digestive system to absorb the possible nutrients we can get from our foods. Our mental capacity can determine the level of stress we are under and the kinds of nutrition we need to support ourselves. The physical demands of the day will also determine the kinds of nutrition we require and the amount of repair work our body needs to bring balance and flow back to the tissues. Water and hydration are key to this journey. As discussed in many of the programs and videos I have produced, it is important to drink water regularly. Each system uses water to support its optimum function, and information travels through our body through the liquids we have. If we are depleted we slow down the processes, as well as the repair work.

Tea is a great way to add to the hydration plan. With a hydrated body through adequate water absorption, tea can be an addition that can provide valuable vitamins and minerals. A good quality black tea, or green tea can add antioxidants along with the herbal opportunities. Rooibos and Honeybush also add valuable additions to tea. If you haven’t considered the quality of tea and the ingredients in fresh tea blends, take time now to support yourself in a fun and loving way. Most tea has gone stale after 2 years, so check your expiration dates or consider the quality of the tea. Choose teas that you enjoy drinking and that are fresh and connected to the nutritional qualities you want from your nourishment habits.

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