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We have the ability to create the space for change to happen, and for our perspective to alter.


How we see the world and how we decide to engage with others is paramount to our success with family relationships, friends, and colleagues. It also is relevant to our desire to support compassionate care with others in the community and globally.

Currently living in a tiny, rural community on Cape Breton Island, my life has transformed from the hustle and bustle I once knew living in Southern Alberta, Cochrane, to be exact, where a small town became a bustling sleeper community to the metropolis of Calgary. The big amenities, the animosity that can happen when you no longer know your neighbors or the shopkeepers. At the start of my business in 1988 I could write a check and not require an id because everyone knew who I was and where to find me. Years later, I can slip in and out of Cochrane without anyone knowing I was there.

In Mabou where I currently reside, we wave at each other when we pass on the road, and we attend weddings, wakes, and funerals to support families and friends. It is a different way of life, yet it is still a part of the landscape of Canada.

My guest today has an interesting story to reveal.

Growing up in a small town sparked Rachael’s curiosity and desire to immerse herself in opportunities that opened up an understanding of the different ways people see the world. After graduating with an undergraduate degree in International Relations, she dove into the world of non-profits only to be greeted by a persistent tug toward the world of education.

She pursued a Masters degree in the Arts of Teaching and worked in school districts with vastly different cultures. Having worked in both charter and public schools, she began to notice the gaps that the educational system failed to address in each community. Her desire to do more fueled her to leave the classroom not fully understanding what would come next. The next two years she dedicated herself to reflection and pursuing a personal goal of speaking Spanish.

She moved with her husband and two young children to Costa Rica for a full immersion experience. A beautiful country full of beautiful people and very different challenges, it was there that she realized a connecting thread in her experiences: “Many of us have a strong desire to help yet aren’t taking into consideration the specific values and challenges that each community faces, whether they’re neighboring cities or different countries. We think we have the answers from the outside, but becoming rooted on the inside reveals a very different perspective.”

This fueled her desire to become a Solutions Strategist but with a different angle. Now residing in Washington, DC, Rachael works with organizations and individuals to unveil solutions using the deep knowledge of the recipients of the help and the local community involved. Still very passionate about understanding different perspectives she enjoys getting to know the truths that each community holds.

Hold onto your hats, this conversation will have you thinking differently about how you approach your role in the community, and your investment in making relationships that are strong and vibrant for the well-being of more than just your immediate circle.

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