Helping those in need…how can we do more?!

The Be Well with Dr. Michelle Greenwell Podcast is in Season 3. We are looking at the transformational process that happens when we have challenges to bare and we need to move forward. At the end of each month, we look at reaching out to a community that is so different from our own, that we have to listen and care in a much deeper and innovative way. Join us to follow the Moyo Family in Malawi and consider how compassionate living changes lives for others in significant and life-saving ways.

Become a part of the Mission4Change for the Moyo Family. Together we can make a difference!

During times of trial and devastation, we have to dig deep into our souls and hearts to find the grit and determination to move forward. Some days it may seem like weight and heaviness holds back the tiny steps forward. We have had many hardships happening around us in our world. The weather patterns have created fires, tornados, and floods like never before.

We are focused on the Moyo Family in Malawi who are striving to find drinkable water, a way to create shelter, and a chance to grow their own food. To begin today we are bringing the Moyo family’s desire to find a way to create a house that can withstand the changing weather patterns. The mud bricks cannot hold up in the rainy season.

I am pleased to bring Charlene Waines into the conversation so we can learn more about how to ask questions for supporting others and understanding the true needs of a community so far away from our own.

With this episode we launch the fundraising tea: Mission4Change CommuniTEA, to help raise money for the Moyo family. Charlene has supported food, emergency care, hospital visits, a water Hippo to help carry water to their home, a special garden, and bricks to build a shelter.

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To follow the Moyo family, please go to, where Charlene provides updates and accepts financial support.

To order the tea please go to: and you will find the tea in the shop. All proceeds from the sale of the tea support the most critical needs of the family. Our support of the Moyo family also inspires hope and knowledge for the village. Together we can make a difference in the lives of others.

Together we can make a difference! Thank you for sharing and for supporting as you can.

To learn more about the Hippo Roller which we have been able to fundraise for the Moyo family, please check out this water project…

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