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When I left Alberta for the East Coast one of my ambitions was to have the time to build and present programs that would benefit the health of the dancer.  It has been an incredible road to recovery for myself, and for many of the people that I have been gifted to work with over the years.  The Feet First System has been taught all over the world, and I have many people who stop me to tell me how they continue to use the techniques and all that they have been able to do as a result of that simple foot rub.  This makes me very happy!!!

This weekend I am in Calgary for Healthy Dancer Canada’s conference:  “Science to Studio to Stage” and I am so excited to be presenting with my colleague, Natascha Polomski, the following presentation:  “Changing Perceptions and Performance with Intentions.”

Back in Calgary is wonderful, being able to see the incredible state of the art facilities that Decidedly Jazz Danceworks has built, and to present within their walls is a dream come true.  There are delegates from all over the world, and I am so happy that our work will be able to go further into the dance world.

Over the last two years as we have both been working on our Masters in Science, we have been playing with intentions and how they change the direction of a healing path.  For dancers this can happen with a dance step, it can be in a vision that is held throughout a performance, and it can be a tool for growth, health and healing.  With many case studies, as well as personal experience and the stories of my students, the use of intention is paramount in all that we do, in all that we strive for and in all that we put our efforts into.

Thank you to my students in Nova Scotia that are practicing on their own this week while I am away.  I imagined the possibility, and its day has come!

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