Healing with Heather

There are so many interesting roads that bring us to dance and that keep us dancing.  My road has been full of challenges, joys and incredible discovery.  You first read about some of my healing as a result of injuries sustained while dancing, that is in my book “My Little Black Book of Energy”.  As I am working with the healing side of dance whereby we use the tools of movement to create the impetus for the body to re-pattern, create energy flow, and for “joy” to find us in the moment of dance and performance, I wanted to share a little of how I got to the realizations that Dance Heals.  Have a look at this latest posting on “One Step to Change Direction” group page on Facebook.  If you don’t have your calendar, you can download a pdf from the shop, and please join us on Facebook with the weekly ponderings!  Enjoy your reading…the stories are all true!

                                  Learning from Heather Cornell

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