Halifax Performing Arts Show…can you help spread the word?

There is nothing like a live theatre night to be energized by the music and the dance! Can you join us?

As a proud mother, it gives me great pleasure to share this performance poster for our son, MacKenzie Greenwell.  He has been collaborating with artists around the world, and more recently in the Halifax area.  This special show will highlight the talents of local dancers and musicians including tap, jazz, hip hop and improv.  Please spread the word, and join us for the show.  Perhaps you have a few friends or family that you could share a night out with.  We look forward to seeing you there.

MacKenzie has enjoyed growing up with Cape Breton Stepdance rooted in his footwork and influence.  Check out this clip from the Brook Village Dance.  He also has toured on stages across the US, Europe, and South Africa as a member of the Australian Sensation – Tap Dogs.  He currently resides in Halifax with his wife and son, and has been making a mark on the dance scene with his expertise in tap dance.  Here is an older clip from his time in Toronto.

To reserve your tickets please go to: https://plainstage.com/events/triple-bill

Dance Debut Inc., The Cape Breton Tea Company, and our new company, the Greenwell Center for Holistic Health are proud sponsors of this event, along with M3D Designworks Inc.

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