Got Pain? The Solution Can Be Found in Your Feet!

How can you empower your self-care toolbox? Listen to this podcast!

Your Guided Health Journey with Melissa Deally interviewed Dr. Greenwell about how the feet can support your well-being.

Here is what they have to say about the interview:
In this episode, Michelle shares her knowledge about how important our feet are to maintaining good movement throughout our life, how our feet can literally talk to all of our joints and communicate with our organs, even our eyes, and how simple steps can literally change your energy level throughout the day, and keep your body functioning and moving well. Michelle shares many tips throughout this episode of little things you can do on a daily basis to ensure you are looking after your body, so you can live pain-free. Our feet definitely need more respect than what we’ve been giving them, and this episode will teach you why!

The full podcast can be heard here:



Thank you to Melissa Deally for her incredible podcast and wellness programs. By raising awareness about health and well-being, she is opening up conversations for people to find the tools that can support them daily.

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