Full Dance and Workshop Schedule for 2018-2019

Full scheduled proposal for 2018-2019


Hello Everyone!  I am so excited to be launching the full schedule for the coming season.  I began preparations for this coming year with a pilot group of dancers to work on some of the material in a classroom setting.  We were able to develop several exercises and experiences that will transform the themes for the season.  “Dance, It’s a Natural Thing” will be exploring all the ways that we can dance with our passion and love for the art forms, while honoring the health and well being of our body.  We will be using special themes, stories, music, art and more to explore dance and the joy of performing.

Touch for Health for Dancers!!!  Prior to bringing dance to Cape Breton, my dance studio had several dancers and parents who held at least their Level 1 Certification in Touch for Health, and they applied that to balancing the muscles in the body for dance as well as other sports and activities they were involved in.  I believe we are finally in a place to be able to bring these tools to the dance families in Cape Breton, and begin to provide ourselves with self care and self empowerment in all the we endeavor to do.  For those dancers who wish to gain this international certification to share with family and friends, I look forward to your registration in this special opportunity.

For older youth, and parents, if you have always wanted to join the dance class, I hope you make it this year.  What we discovered in our pilot project is that the material works for everyone, and that when the parents joined the class there was a new level of joy sharing the floor as a family.  Take a look at the different opportunities, and please let me know if you would like to join us this year.

What is happening in August?

In preparation for a world wide event, Michelle will be sharing a very simple tool for Touch for Health – The Muscle Dance.  This tool can transform how you energize before exercising, how you focus before learning, or how you recover from an activity.  To learn the little movement pattern – 14 muscle movements – Michelle will be travelling from beach to beach to share it and answer questions.  Nothing like a little gathering at the beach!!!

Monday, August 27th – Margaree Harbour Beach 12:30 pm – All Belle Cote Dancers, Tai Chi’ers, Touch for Health, Qi YINtegration, family and friends are invited.  The session will be about 15 minutes.

Monday, August 27th – Inverness Beach 1:30 pm – All Inverness Dancers, Tai Chi’ers, Qi YINtegration, family and friends are invited.  The session will be about 15 minutes.

Tuesday, August 28th – West Mabou Beach 12:30 pm – All Mabou, Waycobah, Wagmatcook, Whycocomagh, Dancers, Tai Chi’ers, Touch for Health, Qi YINtegration, family and friends are invited.  The session will be about 15 minutes.

Tuesday, August 28th – Port Hood Boardwalk 2:00 pm – All Port Hood and area Dancers, Tai Chi’ers, Touch for Health, Qi YINtegration, family and friends are invited.  The session will be about 15 minutes.

Saturday, September 1 – Port Hawkesbury Civic Center Lawn 11:00 am – All Port Hawkesbury and area Dancers, Tai Chi’ers, Touch for Health, Qi YINtegration, Therapeutic Touch, family and friends are invited.  The session will be about 15 minutes.

What is happening in September?

David Hickey Sonar Concerts – This special opportunity is for the people in the area to experience the dynamic intuitive music that David produces with Gongs, Crystal Bowls and many other instruments.  With a pillow, blanket and mat, this is a chance to completely relax, destress, rejuvenate and be entertained all at the same time.  The concerts are as follows:  Friday, Sept 7 – Tatmagouche (Journey to the Heart is hosting), Saturday, Sept 8 – Baddeck (Iris Kedmi is hosting), Sunday, Sept 9 – Truro (Beth Amyot and Wanda Hamilton are hosting),

Monday, Sept 10 – Louisdale (Michelle is hosting, tickets available from Richmond County Recreation 6:30 – 8:30 pm),

Tuesday, Sept 11 – Judique (Tai Chi Cape Breton is hosting with Tai Chi sets happening during the event  7 – 9 pm),

Wednesday, Sept 12 – Port Hawkesbury (Michelle is hosting at the Port Hawkesbury Civic Center Shannon Studio  6:30 – 8:30 pm),

Friday, Sept 14 -Mabou (Strathspey Place Theatre hosting with a mini trade show before the event – 6:30 trade show, 7:30 – 9:30 pm show on the Theatre stage),

Saturday, Sept 15 – Charlottetown PEI (Atlantic Therapeutic Touch Network hosting – www.atlanticttn.com – Judy Donovan Whitty is the contact).

Please pass the information forward, and consider joining us.  David is really a treat to have.  Tickets are $25 and can be purchased in advance to reserve your spot, and will be available at the door based on space.  This is the best $25 for self care!!!  Bring a few friends and make it a special outing.

Tai Chi Fall Workshop Series – All beginners, and continuing students will be sharing a wonderful week of opportunity with Yvonne Waines from Wine Country Tai Chi in West Kelowna BC.  The full schedule can be seen in a separate post, but if you have wanted to learn more about Tai Chi, this will be the workshop to do it in.  Classes will be from Sept 6 to Sept 14.  This will be in combination with the David Hickey concerts so we can really make a shift to a more relaxed and pain free body for health and wellness.  Come join us!

Dance classes begin – Sunday September 16th – see the full schedule in the link with this posting!  Let the fun and excitement begin!!!  Please send an email with your intention for registration and your spot will be reserved.  The schedule has been expanded, but you don’t want to miss out should the class reach capacity.  Sunday – Mabou, Monday – Belle Cote, Tuesday – Port Hood, Wednesday – TBA, Thursday – Mabou, Friday – Belle Cote and Inverness, Saturday – Port Hawkesbury.

IKC Balancathon on Cape Breton Island!  Check out the separate posting for the details for this event.  However, join us on the beach in August, or at the Civic Center in Port Hawkesbury to become a part of the movement to make Touch for Health tools a part of your every day self care toolbox.  Then, Join us on line on Sept 29th as I broadcast live from Toronto, Ontario from Healthy Dancer Canada’s conference.  Together we will be putting our voices for the passion to move on the map!!!  More postings to come with links and information!


See you in a class soon, and thank you, thank you, thank you for reading this far and sharing the information forward to whomever could benefit!  Happy Rest of Summer Everyone!

Michelle Greenwell

Dance Debut Inc, Tai Chi Cape Breton, Canadian Association of Specialized Kinesiology, Therapeutic Touch, Qi YINtegration, and Touch for Health.  Together these models make up a recipe for success in self empowerment, self care and the love of moving with passion and joy!

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