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What I learned while attending our Confluence Conference in Banff last year!
By Michelle Greenwell

I have always been proud to be Canadian, and it is for many reasons that I celebrate this wonderful country. But, we are a people that can be unassuming, quiet to our accolades, and hidden dynamite. What do I mean by dynamite? Some very specialized, educated and experienced Specialized Kinesiology Practitioners are hidden in our midst as Canadians and they are transforming the world, quietly. This can be a good thing, but it can also be something for us to celebrate. Some will never want to be recognized for their influence on the clients they assist, and some will strive to get Canada out into the public eye.

At present, we have 5 presenters who will be representing us at the Touch for Health Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah, in June. To see more about the conference you can follow the link at, and it is being updated daily. The Canadian dollar may not be at a strategic position for travel to the United States at the moment, but the education and knowledge being shared could be a good enough reason to attend. And, there is a bit of a price war going on with the airlines, you might just get a great break on this price to make it all worthwhile.

Our CanASK president, Alexis Costello, is taking her new and innovative program GEMS Flow and GEMS Business. A new program receiving excellent acclaim, “GEMS stands for Goal, Element, Mode, and Stack. It offers an easy-to-follow flow chart that allows a student or practitioner to easily figure out where the priority stressors for an individual are and what balancing technique will work to resolve these efficiently. It is based on information from the TFH synthesis and is designed to allow a practitioner to flow easily from one modality to another, incorporating the entire body of knowledge available to the individual.” And, Alexis expands this synthesis knowledge with business and marketing knowledge for a full package that new and experienced Applied Kinesiology Practitioners can benefit from. You can find more about Alexis at

Our own Sound Essence Queen of vibrational remedies is releasing some powerful and dynamic knowledge on the Assemblage Point. Evelyn Mulders, of, where her motto is “The secret to the Law of Attraction is all about your Vibration,” will be sharing a synthesis of old, shaman knowledge, with new vibrational knowledge, that will “shift the way you see the world.” With over 20 years of alchemy and research into herbs, gemstones, vibration, energy fields and more, Evelyn’s Sound Essence blends have led her to two powerful blends that easily shift the Assemblage point in the body. This powerful point can be the reason that people hold back from achievement, that they feel lethargy or depressed, that they cannot bring their thoughts together. This point can be the way that intention lines up with inspiration and action to create a flowing synthesis of energy both inside and outside the body. Traditionally this point was moved with great effort and a crystal wand, but Evelyn has achieved this result at the push of two spray bottles in combination. Combined with her other vibrational remedies, she is changing the way effort and energy are transported in and out of the body.

From our Canadian Kinesiology Bookstore Denise Cambiotti has been collecting and researching new and innovative techniques for shifting the energy field. Some of you may have a close connection with Denise while ordering the latest textbooks or tools that she carries in her store. But, she is a powerful Specialized Kinesiology Practitioner with many, many tools on her tool belt. Denise is awaiting conference organizer approval to share Circuits Alive Muscle Tuning(TM) either as a presentation within the conference, or as a pre- or post- conference workshop. “Muscle Tuning™ is a service – designed for increased personal performance. It is a mobile Muscle Tuning™ developed by Circuits Alive Muscle Tuning Inc. and certified by the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practitioners (ICPKP). By providing Muscle Tuning™ sessions to “switch on” the muscles that are required to perform the athlete’s role on the ice, field, and slopes or in the arena, gym or pool, Circuits Alive Muscle Tuning helps the athlete to perform at optimal levels of strength, speed, agility, and coordination. Muscle Tuning™ also helps athletes push through plateaus faster, during off-season training as well as in-season conditioning, with gains in strength, tone, function and performance. An additional benefit of Muscle Tuning™ is the prevention of injury.” This system uses 88 muscles and can be accomplished in 15 minutes to get athletes and clients on the road and ready for their programs. The Bookstore will have a large selection of materials available in the Market Place. Come and browse through all the books, and also have a play with Charles Krebs’ new Information Chips. These are like homeopathics on steroids. More than 200 frequencies on a little computer circuit imprinted on each chip. They support wellness and healing either by activating the frequencies daily for yourself, and are especially amazing when introduced to the energy field during a kinesiology session.

New to the Canadian scene is German born, Natascha Polomski. Natascha specializes in shifting the body with vibration using Singing Bowls. Found on Facebook at “Turn up the Frequency,” she uses the specialized singing bowls created by Peter Hess of Germany to bring harmonizing tones together. Natascha’s workshop at our Canadian Conference was well received and singing bowls went home with many practitioners. Based on her Master’s program studies at Akamai University, she is now developing a much deeper program using her knowledge of Applied Kinesiology, Touch for Health and Vibration to advance the way a client can open up to receive and shift energy. In Sheldon Deal’s Applied Kinesiology Short Cuts class, he commented that the best way to begin a session for a client is to open up the body through vibration, and then begin the work. Natascha has that tool ready for our finger tips. Sharing such techniques as a Vibrational Waterfall and a Sacred Geometry Pool, Natascha will be transporting clients at the gong of a mallet that sends shimmering tones of delight through the clients. Shifting energy, goal setting, priorities and more are all transformed in just a few calm moments.

Travelling from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, I will be sharing two programs created out of the need for a system for Feet and Movement. Currently finishing ny Master’s Degree with Akamai University, my first area of interest is FEET. Creating the Feet First System™ over the last decade, I have brought together many different techniques and tools into a 3 minute foot massage that combines gaits, foot sensors, primary reflexes, fascia awakening, and more in one dynamic package. This tool can align the spine, coordinate the brain and body, tune up muscles, and bring order to movement, open joints and more. Then, I advance my knowledge of the body by introducing my new movement program “Qi YINtegration™.” This program has been developed based on my research into the Touch for Health system, Circuits Alive Muscle Tuning, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Dance and basic movement. There are three aspects to this program: Basic Movement Awareness, Understanding the Energy Fields, and Advancing movement through targeted techniques and the 5 Element Tai Chi set with sound and color. Receiving great accolades from my students at home, I am excited to be sharing the knowledge to the world.

Lastly, Natascha and I are combining our research into herbs and intention, and we will be sharing our special tea blends from Intend2RaeD8. Based on the 5 Element Cycles: Sheng and Ko, these blends bring the healing power of the herbs into a synthesis with intention and goal setting to transform the body through a few simple sips. After launching the teas at our Canadian Conference, the teas will be shared further in Utah.

“Dynamite” was the word I used at the beginning of this article. And, I think you can agree. These are just 5 of our members making a difference in the Specialized or Applied Kinesiology world. Many more are still quietly shifting the world in their home towns and through advanced workshops. It is great to celebrate the amazing knowledge and expertise that is being shared. If any of this peaks your interest, think about joining these presenters in Utah. And, if travelling south is not in the budget, consider checking out their contact information to learn more about what they and others in CanASK have to offer in Canada.

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