Fr*ee Online Challenge – Win the Pain Game!

Hello Everyone!

You know the length that I go to find the best tips and tools to assist with BioEnergetic Wellness, especially with movement options. This challenge came across my desk and I wanted to share it with you.

My friend Heather Phillips is an Energy Movement Mentor and she helps people find drug free alternatives to reduce pain and live life with vitality and resilience.

Heather has been virtually pain-free after back surgery for 37 years and she wants to show you how to uncover your Pain Blueprint and use her simple 3 step process to be pain-free.  Join her FREE 5-day Online Challenge to “Win the Pain Game”.

She will be teaching you her leading-edge, transformational Pain Relief System with live webinars, a support group, and much more!

It starts on Monday, August 24th, and is going to be a life-changing event to support you to be pain-free without drugs, surgery, or complicated strategies.


I trust Heather will deliver a valuable experience during the 5-day Challenge. Start to Win your Pain Game and sign up today!)

PS: When you join Win the Pain Game you will have lifetime access to her online Bonus Gift Directory, filled with ongoing digital gifts from top authors, teachers, and thought leaders to support you to have an empowered life, filled with vitality and resilience……. I provided something new in there for you too! The Bonus Gift Directory is a $2,000 value and will continue to grow throughout your forever access!


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