Finding Your Inner Light with Chelon Lockert

Finding your inner power helps you to navigate the challenges of the day with ease and grace!

For those of you who are trying to navigate the world of self-help, self-empowerment, healing, well-being, thriving, etc. It can be a complicated journey when you first start and you know you want to be enjoying life more than you currently are, that you want to find joy, love, and happiness in your days with ease. This seems like something simple and tangible. We all quickly discover that this is a life journey, it is a journey of discovery with new awareness and opportunities. We also discover that it can be challenging and that it can be exhausting and confusing. How can we go from wanting something so simple as joy and love, and find challenge in just the simplest of actions or thoughts?

Today’s guest is joining us to share this emotional rollercoaster that can blossom out of our desire to be well and to heal. Chelon Lockert refers to herself as an Emotional Energy Alchemist, Self Love Queen Passionista, and Solo Mom. She has 22 years experience of empowering women as a stylist behind the chair. Through her journey to discovering her inner light, she was led to inspire women and help them release their limiting beliefs, so that they too may embody their Divine Queen within. So that they may show up more confidently, courageously, and as their authentic selves. Chelon accomplishes this objective by providing 1:1 Coaching, and her signature Self-Love Queen Academy Group Program. Her goal is to support her clients through the emotional rollercoaster of lived experiences that create repeating cycles of discovery. The results of her work are thriving life cycle patterns that empower women to grow and discover more about themselves and their potential.

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