Finding your Compass

We all can remember that favourite storybook that we read over and over. The one our parents could recite in their sleep. We also can remember the characters and the moral of the story. These are the lessons we likely still live by today when we are searching for that right answer, or that right choice to move forward.

My guest today, Paul Collins, is the owner of Moonlight Puppies, a publishing company that specializes in writing children’s books that demonstrate strong, life-long principles. With beautiful illustrations and character development, can reach the heart of every child’s imagination as they listen to and learn to read his books.

As you consider the programs your children may be involved in, and I am aware of the characters now a part of my grandson’s life, we need to look at the messages those characters are sharing, and how we support our youth to be their very best, one good book at a time.

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