Fascia and Movement

One of the delightful things about Tai Chi is that we are able to relax, open and integrate the fascial tissue through the 108 movements, as well as the foundations. The seated form also provides a means to learn more about what it feels like to move from the inside and how the movement can change with muscle memory. Take a look at this great visual of how restriction in the fascia tissue can influence movement all over the body. Then consider what you may know about the Tai Chi set and how this movement can be changed through dedication to the form.

In Dance YINtegration we explore a similar opportunity to engage the body in a relaxed and integrated manner through our specific exercises. The flow of dance movements that are joyfully explored through personal exploration also produce a similar opportunity as experienced in Tai Chi. The fascia is truly an interesting and phenomenal part of our body and our experience with living.


Enjoy this video by Dana Sterling clearly demonstrating the power of the fascia.

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