Fall Classes to Consider

There is no better time than now to consider how you can advance your self-care. We have endured a tough couple of years and we have been superstars to make it through it all. Now is the time to boost your immune system, create a wellness plan, learn more about how to empower yourself in your wellness, and to assist those around you.

Michelle spent last year working with Arts Education to build new programs through dance and movement. She was able to create the link with her Touch for Health, Therapeutic Touch and Masgutova NeuroReflex Integration training as well as many other tools. She published 5 new books, 2 wellness card decks and created 2 more tea blends which all weave together to provide wellness opportunities at your finger tips. Still in process with her writing of her Dissertation for Integrative Health, she is ready to get your education enhanced this fall. Please take a look at the list and follow her on social media to stay on top of the opportunities.

Touch for Health Levels 1-4 plus practice days

Qi YINtegration Set 1 plus working with the “NEW” Affirmations for the Body and BioField Deck

Tap and Tea Tuesdays

Wellness Retreat

Lumiere Arts Festival working with color and balancing the body through art


Tai Chi – Creignish on Wed, and Inverness on Mon

Nurturing our Inner Compassion on Sunday evenings with the Choose Love Movement and Paula Nowak Droog


BioEnergetic Essentials Book Launch

It’s in the Cards – Card Launch

So much for you to play with and explore as you build your wellness toolbox.

And, if all of this really excites you, consider the Shifting into Wellness Summit that can take you through a 6 month learning experience like you have never experienced on a global scale!


At this time there are no dance programs running for youth. Stay tuned for the programming for 2022.

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