Fall Class Listings!!!

For the past few months, Dr. Michelle Greenwell has been extending her knowledge from her dissertation into program enhancements to help you with your Wellness Plan for the fall!  She is focused on releasing the stress and anxiety that our frozen postures are creating for us.

For those who have not taken advantage of an amazing program that is all-encompassing and easy to practice at home, Tai Chi Cape Breton is entering it’s 12th year.  Currently servicing Inverness County through Inverness at the Inverness County Center for the Arts on Tuesdays from 10 – 12 pm, and Creignish Hall on Thursdays from 6:30 – 8 pm with a sunset as well!

You can learn more here: 2023 TCCB flyer – Copy

Why would you want to consider Tai Chi in your Wellness Plan?  Check out this video to see why!  There are 5 videos explaining the various aspects of Tai Chi and the power it has on creating health and balance.  If you have any kind of ailment, low energy, sleep challenges, aches or pains, digestion, circulation or lymphatic challenges….what are you waiting for – the stress signals from your body are craving for you to find balance.

Qi YINtegration programs have been in development extensively for almost 10 years. They encompass the body and the biofield in their explorations!

Qi YINtegration is being shared at conferences and workshops around the globe and at home this year.  For the last year the group has been working with the BioEnergetic Wellness formula resulting from Dr. Greenwell’s dissertation research.  This has included the It’s in the Cards deck as well as the Affirmations for the Body and the BioField deck.  In consultation with her students, Michelle is bringing in the connection of mental health and emotions for this next session.  She will be exploring how the emotions in experience can be the result of the stuckness within the tissue in the body.  Her approach to release this tension through specialized movements will bring a new light to the way you look at thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, and memory.  Are you intrigued?  She offers this class both online and in-person on Saturday mornings from 9:30 – 10:45 am.  It is recommended you have both decks available for easy use and practice during the week. To register, just email Michelle with your intentions – info@dancedebut.com.

For those who have been studying Tai Chi for many years, this is a great way to put your knowledge of movement and flow into practice in a directed way.  Empower your practice to change the way you feel and support yourself and others daily. For those who are dancers, this is a great way to bring whole-body movement to some of the movement patterns required to keep the body supported through dance technique.

The cost for 8 weeks is $125 including tax and can be emailed to info@dancedebut.com.

Movement Made Easy is an online class offered on Wednesdays at 3 pm – 3:45 pm Atlantic (11 am Pacific, 12 pm Mountain, 2 pm Eastern).  This special program has been targeting the health challenges of participants for the last year.  In the spring we focused on understanding and supporting the Nervous System through Polyvagal Theory, as well as energy theory opportunities.  We are accompanied by incredible intuitive musicians who bring the height of frequency forward for quick and easy shifts for the body and the well-being process.  Brenda Bowen Cox on harp and Colin MacLeod on fiddle have been our resident musicians.

The focus for this season?  The digestive system and accessing the nutrients we need to thrive!  As we discovered with the nervous system, we often keep our focus and our ideas within the physical and system function of the body as described through anatomy.  We are going to shake up the digestive world with re-organizing our thoughts about the digestive tract, nutrition and frequency, and supporting the flora of our stomach with energy focus.  All this will be done through movement based opportunities.

Michelle does set intentions that are very specific at the beginning of each session, and you will see how deep and encompassing they will take your body and your wellbeing.  The movement patterns are light and easy with seated and standing options.

The cost for this class is $80 for 8 weeks plus tax.  You can register on Eventbrite.ca

Pure joy happens when the feet can sing the song of the fiddle!

Stepdance for Adults

Have you always wanted to learn a few steps to jig along with a tune you love?  This class is all about exploring and enjoying dance.  We focus on stepdance patterns from the jigs, strathspeys, and reels.  We begin class with a special warmup for the body and the foot sensors, optimizing function of the feet for everyday health.  Then, we move to different dance patterns and accompany it with music from the Celtic recordings we all love.  No experience is necessary.  Shoes can be socks, slippers, hard sole, or tap…. you will be online, in your living room, so use what is most comfortable for you.  The group gathering provides a weekly exercise opportunity, with giggles and fun weaving through.  For those who are challenged to hop on one foot, there are heel dropping alternatives provided throughout, and seated options are also available.

For 45 – 60 min class, it is $115 including tax, and registration can be through email to info@dancedebut.com or on Eventbrite.ca. 


Fall workshops and specialty classes are on their way….stay tuned for the postings.  It promises to be an amazing fall for learning and growing with your wellness plan.

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