Dance Debut is celebrating its 33 rd of sharing dance and music. But, this will not be like any other year we have ever experienced. This is a special year. This is the year when we get to explore dance because of who we are and where we are. Dance this year is all about ourselves and what dance means to us. It is an ExtravaDanza!

Extravaganza means: “An extravaganza is a literary or musical work characterized by freedom of style and structure and usually containing elements of burlesque, pantomime, music hall and parody. It sometimes also has elements of cabaret, circus, revue, variety, vaudeville and mime.” (This is compliments of Wikipedia).

As a “noun” it is expressed as “an elaborate and spectacular entertainment or production.” This is your production. This is your experience. This is your chance to make dance all that you want it to be.

“ExtravaDanza is the extraordinary opportunity to be the dancer you want to be, performing in your own personal setting, for the audience of your choosing.”

Get ready to be your best dance year yet! Programs will be launched in September with an online forum. But, before we get to the formal programs we will have a couple of special events to help you prepare for your dance class. Stay tuned for the details!

A special thank you to the Cape Breton Partnership and the Creative Sector Education for Cape Breton∙Unama’ki Communities. Michelle Greenwell is one of the educators chosen to share her passion of dance and movement arts with the community this fall. A special shout out to Inverness County Recreation and Port Hawkesbury Recreation for their continued support to the arts as well!


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