ExtravaDansa: Lesson 6 – Hand Jive Part 2

See the explanations below…

Together we can explore more ways to build patterns and play with counting, hand clapping, and organizing patterns. Several clips are shared to explore the Cup Song and the patterns of hands and tap dance steps that can go with this music and choreography. Notes from www.dancedebut.com related to the Cup Song is also noted. Further the remainder of the Hand Grasping Reflex pattern from Masgutova NeuroReflex Integration is explored in a choreographic context with many options to explore. The music suggestion is from the movie “Madagascar” – I like to Move it! But, any upbeat music will work.

Why so much emphasis on these particular hand patterns? When the patterns flow easily from one to the next they are coordinating learning opportunities, balancing emotions, handwriting and expressive skills, coordination of the speech patterns, as well as complete function in the eyes and ears, and lastly, the coordination of the TMJ (jaw mobility). Any skips or hinderances in the coordination of the patterns can affect so many aspects of movement and learning. The patterns may seem like a lot to learn for a whole sequence, but it can be a game to put each section together and link them. A great challenge for a family to do together or for a group of friends to help each other with.

For those with learning challenges, movement challenges, speech or expressive challenges, these patterns may shift many aspects of skills in a short time of working with the patterns. Enjoy the resources and have fun creating your own hand jive opportunities to perform with others.

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