ExtravaDansa: Lesson 4

The Star for Kids: Maximizing the learning potential!

Movement is key to activating the brain and motivating new learning of patterns and ideas. Through this special choreography kids can explore the idea of the 6 point star and imitating the actions of birds to play with the movement patterns. This lesson has a full background for parents and teachers, and the actual choreography with music is found at the 13 minute mark. The recording of the music is not the best, but your dedication to learning the movements and then playing with Norman Foote’s music through Spotify or another music source will provide you with good sound quality. The actions should flow easily for you, so once you know the sequence you won’t need this video for further reference. That is when the best results can happen for full integration. For teachers, this is a great activity that can be done at a desk or in a small space. #dancedebut #wholebodymovement #playingwithmovement #dance #preschooldance #archetypemovement #mnri #primaryreflexes #childsplay #classroomexercise #normanfoote #birdtales


This has been a dance studio favorite for years! The addition of the body tapping with Norman Foote’s music interludes is a perfect blend. “Bird Tales”

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