ExtravaDansa: Lesson 10 – Somatic Play in Dance


As studio owners, dance teachers and dancers continue to face the challenges of Covid restrictions, this lesson is prepared to use the true value of dance and its lessons to provide peace of mind, calm, joy, love and passion. As you share dance across the internet, there is possibility to expand the lessons from their technical aspects to their somatic experiences as well as celebration of all that dance is. Together we will be able to bring a focus into our world that is richer by the experience that dance provides.

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If you have always been a technical teacher focused on the details of a step or a combination, you may be frustrated by the challenges of online teaching and inspiring dancers to practice. The opportunity to change your focus and your mind set may create a way for more to happen with dance performance and opportunity with this lesson. Enjoy the components, dare to think differently, and don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability as you navigate lesson plans and goals, providing an experience that supports dancers, students, families and loved ones needing support and healing. May the dance gods open up their hearts to share their ingenious creativity with us so that dance is experienced with yet, greater joy and passion.

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