Exploring Intuition and Light Language with Dr. Lori Hops

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Exploring Intuition and Light Language on Michelle’s podcast

It is like welcoming a new baby into the world when another podcast episode is completed. The thrill of the conversation combines with the opportunity to share more with our audiences. This episode takes us on a journey into the ways of knowing that are beyond our conscious reasoning. How do we know knowledge? Intuition is an incredibly powerful tool for keeping us safe, inspiring us, and leading us in new directions without us really knowing why. Light Language is similar. In this episode, I chat with Dr. Lori Hops about her experiences and workshops around the topic of intuition.

How did we meet is a great example of intuition and universal guidance. I was doing a presentation for the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association or CCPA, and Lori was attending. As I shared the interactive art concepts with energy medicine, she was intrigued and intuitively resonated with the ideas I was sharing. You will hear this in the interview as she shares what drew her to the card deck, Affirmations for the Body and the BioField, and bringing the deck into her daily practice and with her client sessions. With her purchase of the cards we were exchanging emails, and then we had another connection with Akamai University and Dr. Mary Jo Bulbrook. Lastly, as we were chatting together on a call to get to know each other, we realize we are both Presidents of large organizations. She heads up ACEP or the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology while I am part of the leadership team for the Canadian Association of BioEnergetic Wellness. You can imagine how the conversation weaved through so many interests and passions.

We hope you enjoy this episode as we share our awareness at a physical level, through the senses, biofeedback, intuition, and as we often say, downloading from the universe. We have so many ways to be expanded and empowered. Here is a clip of the episode to tease you!

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