Exploring Frequency and the BioField

The latest card deck published by Michelle Greenwell and Tanya Levy is an interactive art project that includes the spiritual points of the spine, emotion support, specific frequencies, and tissue connections within a beautiful photography art piece by Tanya and combined with an Affirmation exploration by Michelle Greenwell.

“What started out as a simple chart for our Qi YINtegration materials created through the classes over the last few years, expanded into a request for making the in depth chart visual,” Michelle explains. The original set “Affirmations for the Spine” was for the Spiritual Points for the Spine to Enhance Energy Circuits. As soon as this set of 21 cards was complete, there was a need for a way to link the Fascia and the Spine with the rest of the systems in the body and biofield. This produced the 12 focused cards for the main chakras as well as their connectors: “Affirmations for the Fascia and the Spine.” As soon as this set was coming to completion there was a need to create a link between the fascia around the rest of the body, organs, muscles, across spaces and joints. 16 cards became the “Affirmations for the Fascia Matrix Connections.” Lastly, the rest of the systems and explorations found in the Qi YINtegration program needed a visual identification and affirmation as well. Such aspects as the Assemblage Point, The Hara Line, The Auric Field, Dan Tiens, Toroidal Field and the expansion of the Chakras were included to create a 20 card set. This full package is the culmination of several years of research and analysis of movement, flow, frequency, emotion, transformation and more.

Tanya’s artwork was a perfect fit. The photography of nature that is transformed through her artistic, intentional guidance creates an image that pulls you in. The experience of the artwork with the set intentions and affirmations are a way to bring balance and flow to the Body and the BioField. This is an easy tool to use by cutting the deck and keeping the affirmation card with you all day, sitting it at your desk or writing it on a Stickee note. It can also be used in Health spreads or Card readings. Using BioFeedback techniques like the body pendulum, or muscle monitoring, it is possible to create a personalized approach to choosing cards and affirmations to support a goal or intended outcome. Michelle and Tanya are excited to launch workshops and webinars this fall to further develop skills for those with the deck so they can gain the ultimate wellness experience with the deck in their self-care toolbox.

There has never been a card deck with such an inclusive energy component, and they are excited by the feedback coming their way already. For example, a pregnant mom with a bent tailbone was complaining of the pressure the baby was putting on her spine and the pain and discomfort she was experiencing. She used the Body Pendulum to determine which card could support her system to release the discomfort and within a few minutes she could feel the tension and the pulling release. Another had a headache and just found the card that felt most inspiring. With a few minutes with the affirmation and the card she could feel the headache subside and ebb away. Dancers have used the cards to assist with opening up areas of tightness within the body, and students have used the cards for the affirmations to do reflecting and introspection.

To order your deck you can find them in the shop. Enjoy the power of the images shared below!

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