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Affirmations for the Fascia Matrix Connections

The Fascia and the Joints share a special relationship across space and time. Their ability to work together in full resonance creates power in movement. The Spiritual Connections as well as the reflection on movement with the affirmations create a complete package for opening and expanding in awareness and movement.

Affirmations for the Fascia and the Spine

This deck is focused on the relationship that happens between the Fascia and the Spine. The chakra and extra chakra points are all identified with the qualities and essences of frequencies with the bone and tissue. Affirmations assist with creating the flow and intention imagines, and all is enhanced by

Affirmations for the Energy Field

Also described as “Meeting the Divine”, this deck explores the frequency, essence, emotion, and connection of the chakras and the chakra connectors to the BioField. These special concepts are linked to the affirmations for each card and supported by the incredible artwork of Tanya Levy. You can choose a card,

Affirmations for the Spine

Combining the information from several branches of spine research, this deck includes the spiritual points for the spine with affirmations and connections. Cervical 1 – 7, Thoracic 1-12 and Lumbar 1 and 2 are a part of this special deck. There are special cards that include sections of the spine,

Affirmations for the Body and BioField

This special card deck is for reflection and engagement. The incredible artwork created by Tanya Levy has been creatively combined with special information about the spine, fascia, organs, joints, chakras, assemblage point, auric field, dan tiens and more. It is an all encompassing way to engage energetically with the frequency